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"PERGAMOS" Institutional Repository

A successor to the highly successful Digital Library System (DLS) of the same name, Pergamos is the Unified Institutional Repository and Digital Library platform of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA).

The "old" Pergamos DLS was originally designed and implemented in 2005 by the Libraries Computer Center team and was used for the preservation, documentation, management and promotion of multiple heterogeneous digital collections belonging to the NKUA.

The Pergamos Institutional Depository was materialized in 2015 and integrates both the self-deposit workflow of graduate / postgraduate dissertations and doctoral theses (ie. dissertations consisting the «Grey Literature» Digital Collection) and the digital collections that were included in the old DLS. In addition, more collections will become gradually available, along with new services and functions. 

If you are interested in creating a new collection within Pergamos, you will have to submit a request to the Library Directorate and Information Center.

For general information and inquiries about creating a new collection in the system, please direct an e-mail message to: pergamos(at)lib.uoa.gr


The following are just some of the old digital collections now accessible via the new Pergamos platform (simultaneously available via the old platform for the time being):


NKUA Historical Archive Digital Collection

The NKUA Historical Archive includes more than two million pages of publications of the University (rector speeches, yearbooks, centennials, poetry competitions, books), meeting proceedings of the University Senate and the Faculties, documents, student inventories, as well as a vast collection of photos. The material dates from 1837 to 1980.
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NKUA Folklore Archive and Museum Collection

The Folklore Archive and the Museum Collection of the NKUA Folklore Studies Library include a) a varied collection of primary material (product of on-site research, submitted in the form of manuscripts to the said Library) and b) a significant collection of everyday life folklore objects (functional or not).
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K. A. Psachos Music Library Collection

The K. A. Psachos Music Library Collection contains a great number of manuscripts (among which the renowned Gregory Protopsaltes archive), first editions of musical books and musical theories, as well as a large number of general publications.
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Manuscripts of the Library of the School of Philosophy

The manuscript collection of the Library of Byzantine & Modern Greek Philology contains manuscripts of codes, mostly ecclesiastical, dating from the 11th up to the 19th century.
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Collection of Published Election Results

This collection contains the published results of the Greek general and some municipal elections from 1926 up to now. The majority of the material is stored in the Library of Political Sciences and Public Administration, whereas a part of it originated from the library of the National Center of National Research.
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Constantinople Hellenic Communities Archive

This collection contains congregational and municipal archives from 42 roman communities in Constantinople, as well as photographed pages of material. Pergamos hosts the part of the collection that is mainly pertaining to schools.
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Collection of the Mineralogy and Petrology Museum

The Mineralogy and Petrology Museum is the oldest museum in Greece and hosts more than 30000 specimens of minerals and rocks, the majority of which collected  from historical sites, such as the former USSR and central Europe. The collection includes digital images of the museum exhibits.
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Medical images collection

This collection contains high resolution electrongraphs taken with a scanning electron microscope and a Transmission Electron Microscope, images from a digital optical microscope and also images of appliances and instruments used in the Histology and Embryology Laboratory of the NKUA Medical school (currently under transfer to the new platform).

Theatrical collection

This collection includes theatrical programs of commercial plays, state stages, prose plays, musical theaters and other stage shows from 1935 to 2005  (currently under transfer to the new platform).


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