The e-publishing System

The e-publishing of journals is supported by the NKUA Electronic Publishing System (widely known as e-Pub). It provides the main digital platform for scientific journals produced, published or edited by the University of Athens (or one of its departments) and supports the whole process of electronic publishing.

Each of the journals hosted on the platform must have its own editorial team, which will be responsible for the content of the posts/publications/articles, as well as for the editing and management tasks according to the appropriate processes and workflows. The staff of the Library and Information Centre Directorate will provide technical consulting and assistance but they will not be involved in the management and editing processes of the hosted journals and they will not be held accountable for their content.

If you are interested in participating in the e-Pub system, you have to send a request to the Library and Information Centre Directorate.

For basic information and questions you may contact:

  •     Costas Viglas, cviglas (at)
  •     Asimina Vlachaki, avlaxaki (at)
  •     Argyro Frantzi, afrantzi (at)


The implementation of the System is based on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software by Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS). It was developed under the Act entitled "Development of a unified Digital Repository Platform and related electronic information services for the Library of NKUA" (MIS code: 304160), of the Digital Convergence Operational Program (2007-2013), with the co-financing of the Greek state and the European Union.

So far the journals, that have been integrated into the electronic publishing system, are:

The articles of all the issues of the above journals have been digitized and documented retrospectively in the context of the aforementioned Act.

Website address:

Technical Support: Libraries Computer Center