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NKUA library collections include all educational, informative and cognitive sources of learning, which are provided to the members of the academic community in various mediums (printed, electronic material). Libraries aim at the continuing support and promotion of the scientific and researching activity of the academic community. To this end, libraries have fully digitalised their services and they have developed their collections (printed & electronic), as well as their online services. NKUA libraries have a remarkable collection of books, Journals, archives and databases that cover the scientific fields of the University’s Schools.

NKUA Libraries include:

  • More than 80.000 monographs
  • More than 120.000 Journals
  • More than 15.000  titles of dissertations
  • Collections of rare material (monographs and Journals)
  • Collection of archives. (Archives of Spyridon Lambros etc)
  • E-books collections


Cataloguing was initially carried out with the Horizon library system with the UNIMARK standard, while as of October 2015, SIERRA system with the MARK 21 library standard is in use.  Subject Classification of the material is done with L.C Subject Headings, while the headings of National Library of Greece are used for the Greek subject terms.

Classification and filling entry

Each library classifies its collection on the basis of a particular classification system, which depends on the scientific character and on the particular conditions in each Library. In this way, the users are easily able to search and locate the items they wish within each library. NKUA libraries have generally adopted the Dewey Classification System, with the exception of the Library of the School of Health Sciences, using NLM method and the Library of the School of Law, using UDC method. (See more on the knowledge base ''KnowHow'').