Long term loan (EUDOXOS /textbooks)


Libraries obtain printed textbooks or e-books, as it is defined by Law 4009/2001 (A΄ 195) par. 1
article 37, by the information system "EUDOXOS" and create a collection of long term textbook loan for students who are no longer eligible to free textbooks.  [Law 4009/2001 (A 195) article 80 (par.10).] Loan Policy falls under article 4 of the Common Ministerial Decision F 12/93262/B3 13-8-2012.

Specifically, as regards to textbooks, the following apply:

  1. The right to long term loan have, by right of priority, the undergraduate students that are not eligible to free textbooks. According to Law 4009/2011 (A 195), article 80, par. 10 "from academic year 2012-2013 onwards free textbooks are not provided to students:  a) who attend classes for a second degree and  b) for courses students attend for a second time, for which textbooks were already provided".
  2. Undergraduate students on this category are able to borrow two (2) textbooks from the Library for a period of 30 days, with the right of renewal once.
  3. Undergraduate Students on this category can borrow the copies from long term loan collections by right of priority from the libraries of the Department they attend. In case of a shortage of copies, another library of the same School can loan the item.
  4. Library Membership is a prerequisite for borrowing material from the long term loan collections.
  5. A certificate from the Secretarial Department of the relevant School stating that the student is not eligible to free text books is obligatory in order to borrow from NKUA long term loan collections.
  6. The borrowed item can only be returned to the library from which it is borrowed.
  7. To be eligible for a Diploma students are required to present a certificate, stating that they have returned all books borrowed from NKUA libraries. For this purpose, prior to graduations the Secretarial Department of each School, is obligated to either sent a list of graduating students to the Library and request a certificate from the Head Librarian, that states that all borrowed books by each student have been returned to the Library, or students present the certificate to the Secretarial of their Department themselves.
  8. The use of long term loan falls under the legislation about Copyright and related rights (L.2121/93), specifically by Art. 14 of L. 3049/2002, and Art. 81 of L. 3057/2002 and Art. 46 of L. 3905/2010. Private use only. The permanent storage or /and their reproduction, as well as any commercial use is prohibited.
  9. Users are responsible and liable for the loss or damage, total or partly, of the borrowed items and they are obligated to cover any damage or loss by replacing them.

The aforementioned Loan Policy is validated by NKUA Library Boards.