Libraries Computer Center

In General

The Libraries Computer Center (LCC) of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) was established in 1997 as part of the "Modernization of Libraries" project and continues its operation until today, after the completion of the "Enrichment and Upgrade of the University of Athens Library" and the "Creation of a unified Digital Repository platform and related electronic information and content promotion services for the NKUA library" projects.

YKB is overseen by a Technical Administrator and cooperates  with the Library Directorate, with the Vice  Rector responsible for Libraries issues, as well as with the Library Monitoring Committee of NKUA.


LCC staff have the know-how and experience in implementing, managing and supporting library related projects and applications as a result of continuous efforts to improve the services provided to the library users (the "Pergamos" institutional repository and digital library, integrated library system, access to electronic information sources, communication and workflow applications for librarians, web portals etc.).

The web portal of the Library and Information Center of the NCSR ( which is  maintained by the LCC, one can find all the services developed and offered by the LCC staff in particular, as well as the NKUA Libraries in general.


The Libraries Computer Center possesses the infrastructure and experience to operate and maintain applications in a high-availability virtual application server environment, implemented under the XenServer product family. The virtual environment is installed on a server pool of four identical servers interconnected via an optical fiber channel with SAN storage, where all online services are delivered via virtual machines, taking full advantage of open source software capabilities and the integration of verious types of information technology.

In particular, the virtualization environment of the LCC consists of the following:

  •  Four Dell PE 2950 II servers with 32GB memory each, 2 x Quad core CPUs and two HBAs each.
  •  DELL EMC AX4-5F storage subsystem with support for four (4) 4Gb fiber channel ports per controller and two (2) controllers per system. The storage subsystem contains 12 SAS drives of 450GB each, 24 SATA drives of 1TB each and 24 SATA drives of 2TB each. The disks suport hot-swap technology and are organized into physical and logical arrays.
  •  The aforementioned devices are interconnected to an optical channel via two (2) Brocade 200E FC switches forming a SAN (Storage Area Network) set-up. Using Citrix XenServer software (version 6.x), which is installed on each server, they implement a Virtual Machine (VM) environment with corresponding operating systems and applications, as appropriate.


Additional installed hardware:

  • Cluster system of two high availability servers with standalone storage subsystem interconnected on an optical bus.
  • Secondary network storage subsystem, Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology.
  • A number of standalone servers for implementing security, backup, load management and availability services (firewall, proxy, etc.).
  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch for communicating the individual subsystems with the NKUA network and the Internet.
  • Data center monitoring unit, which can be mounted on a rack mount with integrated  monitoring sensors such as temperature, humidity, voltage and current (online web) and asynchronous (electronic) capabilities mail, or SMS) recording, displaying and alerting the status.
  • Large-scale backup / backup subsystem, implementing a flexible two-level backup (disk and tape). The subsystem is available for all virtual machines.



  • Costas Viglas (IT), (+30) 210727 5617
  • Irene Lourdi (Librarian), (+30) 210727 5618
  • Dimitris Antoniou (IT), (+30) 210727 5609

Contact Details

Libraries Computer Center
Depaterment of Informatics and Telecommunications
Panepistimioupolis (University Campus)
Zografou GR-15784

email: ykb(at) 
FAX: (+30) 210727 5614

Publications and Presentations

International Confenrences

  • “Multi interest collections in a Digital Repository: The “Pergamos” case @ UOA”. D. Antoniou, G. Economou, I. Lourdi, C. Viglas, S. Zoi. XVI UNIVERSEUM Network Meeting, Athens, June 2015.
  • "Introducing Pergamos: A Fedora-based DL System Utilizing Digital Object Prototypes". G. Pyrounakis, K. Saidis, M. Nikolaidou, V. Karakoidas. (Demo) Proc. 10th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2006), Alicante, Spain, September 2006.
  • "Digital Object Prototypes: An Effective Realization of Digital Object Types". K. Saidis, G. Pyrounakis, M. Nikolaidou, Al. Delis. Proc. 10th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2006), Alicante, Spain, September 2006.
  • "On the Effective Manipulation of Digital Objects: A Prototype-based Instantiation Approach". K. Saidis, G. Pyrounakis, M. Nikolaidou. Proc. 9th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2005), Vienna, Austria, September 2005.
  • "Designing an Integrated Digital Library Framework to support Multiple Heterogeneous Collections". G. Pyrounakis, K. Saidis, M. Nikolaidou, Ir. Lourdi. Proc. 8th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2004), Bath, England, September 2004.

Greek Confenrences

  • «Ο λαϊκός πολιτισμός στην εποχή των ΤΠΕ». Σ. Ζώη, Ειρ. Λουρδή. 6ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Επιστημών Εκπαίδευσης και Ειδικής Αγωγής, Αθήνα, Ιούνιος 2016.
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