Library of the School of Law

General Information

The Library of the School of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) covers the needs and demands of the members of the School and is committed to benefit the legal community as well, providing its users with easy, integrated access to legal information in all possible forms. It also supports and promotes academic activities of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs of NKUA. Moreover, the Library supports the NKUA’s cultural and humanitarian role organizing related events and actions.
The Library collections include all sorts of material in Greek, German, French, English, and Italian languages. They mainly cover the following legal categories of domestic and international law:

  •     Civil Law and Civil Procedure
  •     Commercial Law
  •     Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  •     Ecclesiastical and Canon Law
  •     History of Law
  •     Intellectual Property Law
  •     International Law and European Law
  •     Labour and Insurance Law
  •     Philosophy, Methodology and Sociology of Law
  •     Public Law

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Access to Legal Databases

The Library provides access to the following national and international legal databases, including eBooks, legal journals, commentaries, legal codes of each state and court rulings via the library premises or NKUA network (please note that in some cases the Library subscription only covers certain database modules, therefore some databases are not accessible in their entirety):

    • Beck-Online premium: German language full-text database, providing access to German legal resources.
    • Heinonline: English language database which contains government documents and a vast collection of academic journals, treaties, case law etc.
    • JSTOR: Offers access to the Arts & Sciences I, II, III, IV and V collections, covering various thematic categories such as law, political science, language, history.
    • Westlaw: Westlaw Classic grants access to thousands of law cases, laws, treaties, articles, journals and various other primary and secondary legal resources on an international level, an invaluable aid to legal research.
    • Oxford Scholarship Online: Contains more than 2000 full-text law e-books. This database can be accessed via the NKUA network.
    • NOMOS: Greek language full-text database of Greek legislation, jurisprudence, legal articles etc.
    • ISOKRATIS: Greek language database of Greek case law and jurisprudence.
    • Qualex : Greek language database that provides access to the full content of several scientific publisher’s law journals
    • Sakkoulas-online: Provides access to Sakkoulas Publications, centered on legal topics including Private Law and Public Law in Greek language.

The subscriptions to the databases above are renewed according to educational and research needs.

More databases are available via the NKUA's participation in the HEAL-Link network (Hellenic Academic Libraries LINK). To access those databases, please click here.

To access services that need certification from anywhere outside the Library, you need to be a member of the NKUA academic community. Using your username and password, you can connect to the NKUA Network via VPN. For more information on how to install VPN on your device, please visit this page.


Pergamos Digital Repository

"Pergamos" is the Unified Platform of Institutional Repository / Digital Library of the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). The material that is included or can be uploaded to Pergamos consists of:

  • Digital collections of educational and cultural value for the academic community.
  • Theses, Postgraduate Theses, Doctoral Theses
  • Rare, digitized material belonging to the Library & Information Center or to other organizational units of NKUA (e.g., indexed old periodicals, books, articles of honorary volumes, proceedings of NKUA conferences)
  • Archives and private archival collections
  • Educational material for students with disabilities.
  • Scientific publications and other research material.

Theses are submitted only after the support and approval of the work and before the oath ceremony.

NKUA Law Library

  • Διεύθυνση:104 Solonos Str. & Mavromichali Str.17-19 (Old Chemistry Laboratory), Athens, 106 80
  • Τηλέφωνο:(+30) 210 368 8065, (+30) 210 368 8067, (+30) 210 368 8068
  • FAX:-
  • Ωράριο:Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 08:30 - 19.00, Friday 08:30 - 17.00 -- Summer opening hours 2023 (17/7 - 1/9): Monday - Friday 08:30-17:00. The library will remain closed from 7 to 18 August.
  • Email:nomiki(at)