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Library of the School of Agricultural Development, Nutrition and Sustainability

The Library of the School of Agricultural Development, Nutrition and Sustainability of the Evripus Campus, is located in Psachna, Evia. It covers the needs and requirements of the School of Agricultural Development, Nutrition and Sustainability as well as the basic needs of the other Departments located in the same campus.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16.00. During public holidays, as defined by the Rector's Council, the Library is closed. During the holidays (Christmas, Easter, summer) the schedule is adjusted accordingly.

The Library is housed in the Evripos building complex of EKPA in Psachna, Evia.

Tel. : (+30) 22280 99530

Email: agroada@lib.uoa.gr

Staff: Maria Karlatira, Administrator, Maria Bougioukou, Librarian, Anastasia Stylianosoglou, Librarian.

The purpose of the Library is to support the educational and research activity of the School of Rural Development, Nutrition and Sustainability in the context of the respective undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Modern and competitive knowledge for the development of the Agro-Food Sector, the emphasis on new technologies in the field of Agriculture, the development of innovative agro-food products, the Management of Natural Resources, the Protection of the Environment, etc. are part of the thematic pillars of the development of its collection.

Collection: the collection is  organized according to the international library standards  UOA.LIC.Catalogue and covers subject categories of  Mathematics, Chemistry, Informatics, Law, Business Administration, Logistics, Biology, Physics, etc.

The Library has reading room, group study areas and its collection is open access for students (undergraduate and postgraduate), teaching and administrative staff.

Lendings:  Members of the Teaching, Research, Administrative, undergraduate and postgraduate students of the School and other staff of the University,  can borrow materials according to Library regulation.

The following is required for the issuance of the loan card:

 • identity of a member of the university community (student identity),

• two (2) photos

• completing an application. The application is submitted to the Library (Monday to Friday 09.00-15.00). The maintenance of the file with the above data is subject to the Law on Personal Data Protection. For the categories of users who do not have the opportunity to borrow the material, the entrance to the Library is allowed by submitting the police ID, which is returned upon their departure. The loan card is not transferable and is used only by the holder.

Users of each category have the right to renew the borrowed material up to twice. At the end of the last renewal and the mediation of 15 calendar days, the user can borrow again. The Library reserves the right to withdraw borrowed material in cases of increased demand.