Bibliographic Databases of NKUA - Trial Access

On this page, one can find the bibliographic databases (if any) to which the NKUA has trial access for a limited period of time (an updated list or trials can be found here).


Trial access to CAS SciFinder Discovery platform

Trial access to "CAS SciFinder Discovery" platform has been activated through June 15th, 2023.


CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform is one of the most important scientific search engines. It supports multiple stages and types of academic research while its wide scope makes it a valuable research tool for biology, medical sciences, engineering, physics, geology and, of course, chemistry.

Trial access includes, among others, the following tools:

Training and support material:


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Connection to and, use of the platform requires the users to register by clicking here.


Trial access to CAB Abstracts Full Text database

Trial accesss is activated for the "CAB Abstracts Full Text" database, from May 2nd, 2023 through July 1st 2023.

The database is promoted as the most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, offering access to millions of bibliographic records, hundreds of thousands of full-text articles, as well as many other authoritative reviews, news articles and reports.Related educational and informational material, user guides, as well as recorded seminars on using the  database, can be found at the following link:

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Coronavirus Research Database

The Coronavirus Research Database by ProQuest, provides coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak by curating openly available content related to coronaviruses. It includes thousands of open-access articles from the world’s leading publishers as well as current research from pre-print repositories such as arXiv and will continue to grow and evolve as more is learned about the pandemic.

Connect to the database

Alternatively, you can search the database by using the federal search service on all ProQuest databases we are currently having an active subscription:


Access to additional collections of JSTOR journals, primary sources and ebooks




JSTOR, in the context of actively supporting distance education activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, offers its subscribers access to additional content (in excess of existing active subscriptions), in the following manner:


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List of trials

The databases that we already have had trial access to, are the following:

CAS SciFinder Discovery  (15/5-15/6/2023), CAB Abstracts Full Text (2/5-1/7/2023), eHRAF World Cultures (5/1-5/3/2023), ProQuest Global Newsstream  (27/10/2022-11/12/2022), ProQuest One Business and ProQuest Social Science Premium Collection (30/9/2022-29/11/2022 - extended through 30/12//2022), Nineteenth Century Literary Society: The John Murray Publishing Archive (1-29/6/2022), Statista (14/1-15/2/2022),  RetroNews (5/10-5/11/2021), Med Journal by Cell Press (20/9 - 31/12/2021), Legal Source, Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text and Political Science Complete (10/5-8/6/2021), Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry (15/4-1/5/2021), Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials (12/4-11/5-2021), Statista (25/3-24/4/2021), GeoRef and GeoScienceWorld Journal Collection (13/1-28/2/2020), Academic Video Online by Alexander Street of ProQuest (23/11-31/12/2020), Academic Search Ultimate (ASU) from EBSCO (5/11-31/12/2020), De Gruyter eJournal collection (5/10-30/12/2020), Artstor Didital Library (1/8-31/12/2020 - extended until 30/6/2021), Additional collections of JSTOR journals, primary sources and ebooks (1/6-31/8/2020 - extended until 30/6/2021), The New York Times and New York Times in Education (27/5 - 31/7/2020), De Gruyter eBook collection (25/5-30/6/2020 - extended until 31/7/2020), MedOne Plastic Surgery by Thieme Publishers (25/5-31/7/2020), Translated Texts for Historians E-Library by Liverpool University Press (22/5-22/7/2020), AccessMedicine from McGraw-Hill Medical (19/5-18/7/2020), Gale Reference Complete (20/5-31/7/2020 .. extended through 30/9/2020), SPIE Digital Library (19/5-17/7/2020), Oxford Reports on International Law/Oxford Scholarship Online/Oxford Handbooks Online by Oxford University Press (15/5-14/7/2020), Psychiatry Online (POL) from the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Publishing (13/5-7/7/2020), AccessSurgery from McGraw-Hill Medical (10/5-9/7/2020), Complete Chicago Package by The University of Chicago Press (4/5-6/7/2020), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (4/5-5/7/2020), 3 Dentistry Journals by Elsevier  (4/5-4/6/2020), Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment ONLINE (29/4-28/6/2020), GeoScienceWorld eBooks (28/4-30/6/2020), Embase (28/4-26/5/2020), Camridge Core collections (23/4-31/5/2020), Duke University Press mathematical journals via Project Euclid (22/4/-2-/7/2020), Duke University Press eBooks/eJournals (22/4 - 20/7/2020), MIT Press Direct eBooks (22/4-31/5/2020), Berghahn Journals (21/4-30/6/2020), SAGE Video/Research Methods Video/Knowledge (15/4/15/7/2020), Bloomsbery Digital Resources (21/4-31/5/2020), The Literary Encylcopedia (14/4-30/6/2020), IΕΕΕ elearning (μέσω ΣΕΑΒ/HEAL-Link 2/4-30/6/2020), ProQuest One Academic, ProQuest One Literature, Music and Dance Online Alexander Street (31/3-30/6/2020), Loeb Classical Library  (23/3-30/6/2020), JoVe Education (20/3-15/6/2020), Statista (1-31/3/2020), BrowZine by Third Iron (22/1 - 20/2/2020 - extended untill 31/12/2020), Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry by Elsevier (2/12/2019 - 31/5/2020), ProQuest One Academic and ProQuest Research Companion by ProQuest ( 1/11 - 31/12/2019), All Prepols Publishers Dataases (21/10 - 19/11/2019), International Journal of Sports Medicine by Thieme Publisher (9/9 - 31/12/2019) GeoScienceWorld (7-31 / 5/2019), JoVE-Journal of Visualized Experiments (22/3 - 25/4/2019), all magazines of Bentham Science Publishers (18/3 - 18/6/2019), zbMAth by Springer Nature (18/2 - 18/4/2019), ProQuest Art and Architecture Archive and Art, Design & Architecture Collection (26/11 - 26/12/2018), AVON-Academic Video Online (09 / 11 - 21/12/2018), ProQuest Central (10/11 - 15/12 2018), 6 additional e-book collections by Springer Publisher (via HEAL-Link until 12/9 - 30/11/2018), MLA International Bibliography (via EBSCOhost, 7/2 - 10/3/2018), OECD iLibrary (via HEAL- Link, 23/1 - 30/6/2018), ProQuest's Criminology Collection (25/1 - 24/2/2018), Brill's Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum Collection (15/1 - 13/2/2018), The collections of "Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires since 1820", "Women and Social Movements, International" and "AVON-Academic Video Online" by Alexander Street (14/12 / 2017-26 / 1/2018), All journals (2016 and 2017 issues) by Future Science Group (7/3 - 31/12 2017), The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek by Brill (21/2 - 22/3 2017), Climate Change and Law Collection Brill House (18/1 - 16/2 2017), Bentham Science Journals (16/1/15 2017), International Maritime Boundaries Brill House Online (23/11 - 22/12 2016), Brill House United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (23/11 - 22/12 2016), ProQuest eBook Central (20/10 - 31/12) 2016), South Asia Archive (20 / 5-20 / 6 2016), Reaxys & Reaxys Medical Chemistry (15 / 4-15 / 5 2016), All IGI GLobal Home bases (6 / 4-6 / 5 2016) , All the Databases of Brill Publishers (20 /1-28 / 2 2016).