Article Ordering Service

The National and Kapodistrian  University of Athens (NKUA) supports the Ordering Service of Articles from journals and conference proceedings, with the aim of meeting the educational and research needs of the members of the Academic Community.

The University of Athens collaborates on ordering articles with the National Documentation Center (NDC), while centralized management and support is provided by the Libraries Computing Center of NKUA. Specifically, domestic orders are made through the National Network of Science and Technology Libraries (NNST) from National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals (NUC), while overseas orders are made through the NDC, by the British Library "British Library Document Supply Center (BLDSC)" and "SUBITO" (German Libraries).

WARNING: The text order service from ABROAD is not working temporarily.


All members of the Academic Community of the University of Athens (faculty members, undergraduate and postgraduate students, PhDs and other staff) have the right to order articles, while external libraries are also served in some libraries. In order to place an order for an article, you must contact one of the NKUA Libraries participating in the Network. For more information, consult one of the Library Catalogs below.

Before visiting the Library to order the desired article, you should check that the article is available in the NKUA. You can also search for journals not found in the NKUA in the National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals. Then, for your convenience, you will need to complete the Article Order Form κand visit the appropriate Library within three days to confirm your order. It should be noted that the article is delivered in printed copy by the Library of the NKUA where the order has been placed. Depending on the cost of the order, you may need to deposit the amount in advance.

Billing and response times

The delivery time for Domestic orders, through the National Union Catalogue of Scientific Journals  (NDC), depends on the Library sending the article, as well as the method of dispatch (mail, e-mail, fax). For this reason, no guaranteed delivery time is provided. Indicative delivery times and article costs for each shipping method are:

Simple process
(indicative time period: 2-8 days)

PagesCost (EUR)

Regarding Ordering Articles from Libraries Abroad, the response time is 2-3 days, and the cost depends on the article provider.

(Supplier Library)
Simple Procedure
(Standard Service)

British Library Doc. Supply Centre (BLDSC) (all subjects)

Prices vary depending on publisher's copyright fees

(German Libraries) - (all subjects)

€9 ή €14.50
Shipping Time: 2-3 days

(Doctoral Theses)

€30 regardless of pages if found in the online collection.

Shipping Time: 2-3 days
Shipping Time: 10-15 days

€56.50 regardless of the number of pages, printed, upon order from ProQuest.

Greek Doctoral Theses

€30 printed

€5 cd
regardless of pages if found in the online collection.

€45 printed
regardless of pages if found in the online collection.
Shipping Time: 2-3 days


€5 /diploma (from online sources) - Shipping Time: 1-2 days

Educational Resources Information (ERIC)

€2.46 1-20 p.
€3.69 21-50 p.
51-100 p.
Shipping Time: 1-2 days