Library of the School of Philosophy

Library operation during the coronavirus pandemic (3/11/2020)

According to the decision of the Senate of The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Prot. No.: 28743 / 29-5-2020, ΑΔΑ ΨΙ9246ΨΖ2Ν-14Δ) starting Monday, June 1, the Library of the School of Philosophy is open for the public and primarily serves the members of the School of Philosophy.

The operation of the Library is subject to the instructions of the National Public Health Organization so far issued and the relevant circulars on the observance of the protection measures. The use of a face mask is mandatory for both employees and visitors, as well as a minimum distance of two meters between attendees. All returned books are set in quarantine for three (3) days.

Detailed instructions

  • For long term borrowing, please fill in the Long-term borrowing application form.
  • For a day loan  and reservation of a study seat, please fill in the One day borrowing and study application form
  • Books are picked up only after a notice is sent via email by the Library staff. There may be a delay due to the books’ being quarantined.
  • Books are returned to the self check and book drop devices and the Main circulation desk.
  • A maximum of 10 persons are allowed on the Library premises at the same time in order to borrow or return books, always keeping a minimum distance of 2 meters between them and with a time limit of up to 15 minutes.
  • Free access to the bookshelves is prohibited
  • To order journal articles from other libraries, please fill in the special form. For more details, please visit the section on article ordering and contact Article ordering service,
  • For interlibrary loans, please send an application by email. For more details, please visit the section on  interlibrary loan and contact M. Loumpaki, mloumpak(at) ,tel. 210727 7416
  • As usual, the Library keeps serving the public by phone, via email, through the Ask the Librarian service (live chat), as well as through its electronic resources and services on the website.

General information

In 2001, the Rector's Council decided the foundation of the Library of the School of Philosophy. It was comprised of 16 separate small libraries attached to the various Departments of the School. In October 2018, the 16 libraries were moved to a new building (7.500 sq.m) next to the School, on the University campus, Zografou and in January 2019 the Library of the School of Philosophy opened to the public.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 8.00-16.00
Telephone: (+30) 2107277605, 7828, 7687, Fax: (+30) 2107277931
e-mail: phil(at), ( to renew loans) phil.circulation(at),
Access: google maps

Library brochure

Library rules and regulations

Donations policy

Special Collections Regulations

Special Collections Application

Searching tips for using the LIC online catalogue

Library services (during the pandemic, 3/11/20)


All registered members of the Library of the School of Philosophy can borrow items.

Library membership application (gre/eng)

Borrowing terms and conditions

Long-term borrowing application  (gre/eng)

One day borrowing  and study application (gre/eng)


Article ordering and interlibrary loan

If you are a member of the School of Philosophy and an item you need is not held at the Library, you may still be able to access it by requesting it via either the article ordering or interlibrary loan service. The expenses for this service are undertaken by the library user.

For interlibrary loan, please fill in the Interlibrary loan application. Contact: M. Loumpaki, mloumpak(at) , tel. 210 727 7416

Using Study spaces (reopened 16/6/2021)

Visitors are not allowed access to the Library’s bookshelves and reading spaces.

User training (suspended due to the pandemic)

The Library organizes educational tours to groups of students so that they become familiar with the space and the services offered. They are informed about the library floor plan, the study areas  and every aspect of using the Library, from finding and borrowing books, to accessing online resources, e-journals and databases. The tours schedule is announced on the library website.

VISIT WEBSITE (in greek)

Library of the School of Philosophy

  • Διεύθυνση:University Campus, 15772 Zografou
  • Τηλέφωνο:(+30) 210 727 7605. To renew loans: (+30) 210 727 7605, 7828, 7687. Secretariat: 210 727 7905, 7931
  • FAX:
  • Ωράριο:Monday - Friday: 08.00 -16.00. To pick up books preferably Monday-Friday: 8.30-16.00. Ask a librarian (chat): Monday - Friday 8.30 - 15.30.
  • Email:phil(at)