Operation of the Library of the School of Philosophy (10-11-2020)

Category: Library of the School of Philosophy

Due to the lockdown imposed nationwide, according to the JMC (ΦΕΚ 6/11/2020 vol. 2nd sheet no. 4899) and the announcement of the NKUA Library and Information Center (9/11/2020), in-house services to the users of the Library of the School of Philosophy are limited until 30/11/2020, and the members of the School of Philosophy may visit the Library only by appointment.

One-day borrowing is suspended and electronic services are provided instead. For further information on the operation of the Library during the coronavirus pandemic, please visit the relevant section on the website. Users may apply for membership through a special application form sent electronically and all borrowing requests are also submitted through an electronic form (Long-term application form). Books may be picked up from the Library by 15.30 daily, after an email notification received, provided that health, safety and hygiene conditions are ensured for staff and users.

For services that support distance learning as well as the ways of communication, please visit the Library website.