NKUA Libraries Operation - 03.11.2020


Due to the special pandemic circumstances and following the Joint Ministerial Decree (ΦΕΚ 2/11/2020 iss.2nd, no. 4829) the Libraries' functions will be altered accordingly. Mainly ALL services will be provided remotely.


•    Working Hours. Each Library will decide the working hours of the remotely provided services among the following timetables : 8.00-16.00, 8.30-16.30 & 9.00-17.00, Each Library will upload the respective announcement on its website effected immediately.
•    Material Loan Policy.  All procedures will be remotely offered. [users may utilize the online catalogue (https://opac.seab.gr/search~S6*gre),  to search for material, contact the library via telephone, via email or by filling the appropriate online form, and book an appointment]. The ONLY service available in person is the material collection by the user. Attention! No services will be provided without a scheduled appointment. The hours for collecting the requested material will be in accordance to the Library's working hours. For example a Library operating from 8.00 to 16.00, will offer scheduled collecting material services till 15 30. (half an hour before closing time) .
•    The same applies to Book returns, a procedure that also requires a scheduled  appointment with the Library

Apply for a Library Card. Please contact your Library or consult the instructions on the website.
Libraries & Reading Rooms Operation
•    Reading Rooms operation on ALL Libraries is postponed. The same applies to the use of Library's Computers
•    The use of face mask is mandatory as well as hand sanitizing before returning or collecting material to the Libraries.
•    Please consult additional instructions on NKUA Libraries' websites on the following link http://www.lib.uoa.gr/bibliothikes.html
Electronic services & e-resources
Electronic services are on full operation. For more info please visit the following website http://www.lib.uoa.gr/
•    e-resources access is available 24-7 .Visit the online catalogue: https://opac.seab.gr/search
•    View all offered services in the following link http://www.lib.uoa.gr/ypiresies/katalogos-opac.html
•    For e-services access visit http://www.lib.uoa.gr/access.html
•    For digital collections (Pergamos etc) visit http://www.lib.uoa.gr/sylloges/psifiakes-sylloges/idrymatiko-apothetirio-psifiaki-bibliothiki-pergamos.html
•    For access to Hellenic Academic Libraries Link  please visit https://www.heal-link.gr

Thank you! Your cooperation will help us ensure to provide the maximum of our services. We remain at your disposal for every question and inquiry. Stay safe .