New tools for Open Access


Dear University Community Members,

We are pleased to announce the following:

Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) has created two supportive tools for researchers interested in HEAL-Link’s Open Access programs following the example of Publisher Deals by the Dutch Academic Libraries,

The first tool is the ‘Index of Eligible Open Access Journals’, that will allow researchers to check whether a Journal they are interested in, is in any kind agreement with HEAL-Link (

The index includes 4.695 e-Journals and replaces all previous existing lists (excel & pdf) which were of little use. The uploading process of the Journals΄ covers has already begun and will be completed in the following weeks.

The second tool is the ‘Guide to available Open Access options’, which offers a summary of all Open Access terms & conditions of HEAL-Link’s collaborating publishers, including those which do not have a program yet (

Kind Regards,

Valsamis Valsamakis

Director of NKUA Libraries