Library of the School of Philosophy. Reopening of the study spaces (June, 16th 2021)

Category: Library of the School of Philosophy

According to the renewed Rules and Regulations for the Operation of the Libraries of the Schools of NKUA  based on the JMC (Government Gazette 2476/Β/10-6-2021), and according to the Joint Ministerial Decision (Δ1α/Γ.Π.οικ. 69543/31.10.2020 (Β 4810) )on the operation of libraries, and the security measures provided due to the pandemic, the Library of the School of Philosophy will open the study spaces to the public from Wednesday 16/6/21 ( Monday to Friday  9.30-15.30).

Long-term borrowing and one-day borrowing are available upon request (visit our website). One-day borrowing includes the use of books either outside or inside the library, i.e. studying in the Reading space. Admission to the Reading spaces is allowed every three hours, with a limit of 20 (on the ground floor) and 30 people (on the first floor), according to the following schedule: 9.30-12.30, 12.30-15.30.

Users can occupy only one reading seat  during their stay and can only make use of the material (books, journals, etc.) they have ordered through the online application form. When they have completed their study, they return items to the book return devices themselves, so as to be quarantined for 3 days. Visitors are not allowed access to the Library’s bookshelves. Elevators may only be used by the disabled, the elderly or the ailing people.

You are reminded that the use of a face mask is mandatory inside the Library, along with the use of an antiseptic when entering the premises. Visitors of the stydy spaces who are obliged to  covid self test should be able to present the relevant document, if required.