Dear NKUA’s Community members, following the newest Joint Ministerial Decree, (time frame 24.05.21 – 31.05.21) the Library & Information Centre Directorate wishes to clarify on the following points concerning the operation of NKUA Libraries.

1.    All Libraries will continue to provide all their services remotely, as offered from the beginning of the pandemic (opac search, access to digital & electronic material, paper submission in Pergamos’ digital depository, Eudoxos, loan & interlibrary loan, new material acquisition, donations acceptance, open access publications etc.)

2.    Regarding material loan, libraries will continue to serve all users with scheduled appointments for receiving material (always taken into consideration the available library staff). Furthermore the daily loan is now into effect, always with the prior contact with the library to schedule an appointment and avoid overcrowding.

3.    All users will have in their disposal all necessary communication and contact tools & resources. (library site, contact via telephone, email and live chat)

4.    The Reading, Book & Computer Rooms will remain close for the public.

We are always more than happy to listen to suggestions, comments, thoughts & feedback, in order to become even more efficient and useful to your effort for study and research.

I would also like to kindly advice you of the two websites you can visit for basic study and research information.

Library and Information Centre

HEAL - Link


King Regards,

Valsamis Valsamakis
NKUA’s Library & Information Centre Director